Two pictures on this page summarise the breadth of William Cook’s capability in the rail sector.

The innovative Combination Coupler (5), which allows rail vehicles with different types of coupler to be coupled together, was designed and manufactured from cast and machined components, all 100% in-house.

The transverse bolster (2) comprises five steel castings, all individually machined before being welded together into the finished assembly. That assembly is then finish machined, pressure tested and painted, again 100% in-house.

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  1. Fabricating bolster assemblies in
    William Cook’s Leeds plant
  2. Transverse bolster
  3. Tilting bolster for Pendolino
    high-speed train
  4. Frame end for Turbostar train
  5. Multi-role Combination Coupler
  6. Traction motor flask

  1. Axle box including bush and flexible articulation
  2. Series 3 bogie frame
  3. Brake disc
  4. Automatic Tightlock Coupler