The term ‘energy’ covers many sectors but with one common feature - a requirement for extreme specification, heavy duty safety critical components.

Whether they be for wellhead or down-hole equipment, high pressure sour fluid pumps, nuclear reactor circuits, steam turbine generators or a host of other energy related purposes, William Cook cast products are often the customers’ preferred choice.

  1. Detail of super duplex multi-stage
    pump casing
  2. 2 tonne wellhead collar assembly
  3. 3 tonne valve assembly for thermal
    power station
  4. 4 tonne duplex impeller for hydro
    power plant
  5. Super duplex multi-stage pump casing
  6. 15 tonne steam chest assembly for
    500 Mw turbine generator
  1. Centrifugal pumps at
    assembly stage
  2. High volume slurry pump
    upper casing
  3. The same pump; 7 tonne
    lower casing